SODA - Southern Oklahoma Development Association
Community Expansion of Nutritional Assistance - CENA 2024
  1. CENA applications will open each at 8:00 AM on the first day of May each year and will close on the last day of June at 5:00 PM. This website will close at that time. If either of these dates fall on a weekend, no help will be available to you.
  2. Be sure to print out the application instructions before you start filling out the actual application. Once you start the application you must complete it. You cannot stop and come back later. If you get out of the program before the application is complete then you will have to start over from the beginning. You must complete each page before going to next page. You can either print off the Resource Pages (Sample Application and Instructions, Blank Budget form, Monthly Attendance and Meals form and Monthly Expenditures form) or you can look up the information for the entity that you are filling the application out for.
  3. The following items, if applicable, must be attached to your application for it to be considered complete:
    • Authorized Official Resolution
    • Application Signature Page – Signed by the authorized person on the County/City resolution
    • Site budget
    • Complete Board Listing with all contact information including email, address and phone for each member
    • Minutes showing the acceptance of the Board
    • Approved By-Laws of Organization
    • Minutes showing the acceptance of the By-Laws
    • Inspection by Oklahoma State Deparment of Health
    • Proof of all insurance the organization maintains
  1. Use the links below to download printable resources that may be useful during the application process.